Unlocking the Potential of Embedded Systems


The concentrated "core" elements of computing have become embeddable in almost everything making Embedded Systems next inevitable wave of Technology. BRiCS Programs on Embedded Systems is to unleash the potential of Embedded Systems.




Creative Approach to Autonomous Ways


Robotics Programs at BRiCS focus on systems incorporating sensors and actuators operating autonomously or semi-autonomously in cooperation with humans.



Logic and Algorithm

for Software Development


BRiCS Software Development Programs give you access to cutting edge practical knowledge in Software Design, Programming Languages, Databases, AI, Software Development Processes, Algorithm and Logic.




BRiCS Community

Sharing Technical Knowledge


Thousands of BRiCSters have come together creating an open platform for discussing technical problems and sharing technical knowledge. To share your technical knowledge or discuss on such topics join BRiCS Community.


Embedded System Advanced

This program is for Embedded Systems enthusiasts. Topics from Embedded Systems and its applications in Automation and Instrumentation will be covered with a greater emphasis on Projects.

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Embedded System Basic

This program is for Robotics and Embedded Systems Beginners. Various techniques and mechanisms, having applications in Manual and Autonomous Robotics, Embedded Systems and Automation will be covered with greater emphasis on Projects.

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Android Developers Program

Android™ Program is a hands-on training for designing and building mobile applications using Google’s Android™ open-source platform. This program introduces a collection of classes that aim to help participants build apps for Android.


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3D CAD and Simulation

In this Design Program, participants will learn Design Principles and Advance Computer Aided Design Programs such as Pro/ENGINEER (Wildfire).

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